The BEST PLANS project for PEACEFUL Israel-Palestine

Thanks for your interest in the Best Plans project.

The project was a voluntary project focused on evolving plans to cooperatively progress towards peaceful Israel-Palestine, that mutual majorities of Arabic and Hebrew speakers would deeply prefer over the continuation of the conflict. 25 plans were submitted and a few thousand people participated in one way or another. The project was launched on Nov 28, 2011 and was in the air for one year.

The project was all inclusive, inviting people with all opinions to participate. We extend heartfelt thanks to all those who enrolled to help the project happen and who are constructively committed to a better future for all people living in Israel-Palestine. Unfortunately, as the discussion was not structured enough, evolution of plans and participant's thinking was held back and impaired by inflamatory debates and conflict inspiring actions by people who alas allowed anger and impatience to get the better of them.

Based on the lessons learned, an improved project reincarnation is in the making. If you have been constructively active in the BEST PLANS project or if you want to actively and constructively contribute to a profund positive transformation of the traumatic Arabic-Hebrew relationship, please email:

We will continue to seek involvement of all stakeholders, regardless of their behavior and statements, as excluding them is a worse option. However, for the core organizing group we need people who are interested only in working FOR dignity, security, freedom and prosperity and not AGAINST other people, even those some would blame for progress not happening.

We need funding; cooperation with organizations across the full political specrtrums; technology and new media people;  and people who are fluent in spoken and written Arabic and Hebrew.